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Pizza Van Hire

Bagel Sandwich

If you are looking for a professional pizza van hire service, look no further than Fire Up Pizza for expertise, delicious food and superior catering results. Whether you are hosting a big corporate function, a glamorous wedding, a birthday party or any other event, WOW your guests with a heartening and mouth watering dining experience. Pizza vans are an incredibly fashionable choice for your event dining these days, and for a good reason. Hiring a pizza van offers freshly made food on-site, tailored to the tastes of the specific guest, with great convenience. Pizza is always synonymous with being a crowd-pleaser but adding the mobile van element also encourages sociability at your event. From queuing, discussing the menu and the informality of this kind of dining experience, guests can mingle, network and strike up conversations with those they may not have otherwise encountered. A pizza van promises freshly cooked food, made to order. Every guest gets the flavour, style and dietary requirements they seek.

Specialists In Pizza Van Services

With influences stretching from the Mediterranean, middle-east, the US, Asia and more, our menus reflect variety, taste and comforting food that is delicious every time. Our wood fired pizza oven has been designed to work effectively and efficiently from the convenience of our mobile pizza vans so that you can get your food fresh, hot and quick. We have created a service which focuses on variety and wide choices, including gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options, pizzas, salads, Asian bowls, canapes, sharing platters, wraps, side dishes and much more. 


Why Choose Our Pizza Van Services?

Our state-of-the-art vans are kitted out with the best equipment, from a wood fired oven to an expert coffee machine. At Fire Up Pizza, we aim to deliver the highest level of customer service, customised menus to suit your occasion, authentic food and the freshest ingredients. So whether you require catering for a formal and elegant event or a rustic and casual affair, our highly qualified chefs can collaborate with you to create a menu that suits your occasion. We want your guests to feel well-fed, satisfied and talking about your event for years to come. 


Contact us today to learn more about hiring a pizza van for your next special event.

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