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Production Catering Kent

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If you are looking for production catering in Kent, look no further than Fire Up Pizza for the best in creative and professional services. Our team is dedicated to delivering creative and professional services that have earned us a reputation among leading industry names. When it comes to your crew, their well-being and recognition of their hard work throughout the filming project are paramount. We pride ourselves on bringing a great energy to your filming location, come rain or shine! Contact us now to craft an exceptional catering experience that will leave your production crew well looked after and valued. Our renowned reputation in the production catering realm speaks for itself, offering delectable food and warm service that resonate with your needs.

Professional Production Catering Services in Kent

Fire Up Pizza's professional production catering services in Kent are exclusively designed for productions in the Film and TV industry looking for a cutting-edge catering option to satisfy everybody on set. With unparalleled knowledge and experience in the catering industry, we have encountered and successfully tackled every challenge imaginable, from remote and isolated locations to adverse weather conditions. Nothing can deter us from delivering our meticulously crafted menus  and expert catering services in Kent to the hardworking individuals on set. Our unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality sets us apart as a professional production catering company in Kent, and we offer an extensive array of catering options meticulously tailored to the unique needs of TV crews. 

Reasons To Choose Our Premium Catering Services

No matter how demanding the production schedule, we assure hot and nourishing meals for all cast and crew members, making their well-being a top priority throughout the filming journey. We are known for our dedicated and reliable team of catering specialists who contribute to our reputation as a trustworthy TV craft catering company. What sets us apart is our approach. Unlike many others, we don't rely on agencies. Instead, we prefer to establish close working relationships with production companies, allowing us to truly understand their specific requirements. It's no wonder that our impeccable craft catering service often receives personal recommendations, prompting other production companies to seek our expertise!

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