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Bagel Sandwich

If you are looking for reliable and tasty BBQ catering for your next party, look no further than Fire Up Pizza. We have years of expertise in the industry. Casual dining has become a popular trend lately, with relaxed eating, socialising and family-style dining seemingly much more appealing than formal affairs. This high-demand catering service is perfect for large gatherings such as weddings, birthday or anniversary parties, corporate functions or local celebrations, where the food is cooked on-site, fresh and in large quantities.

Professional BBQ Catering Company

Part of the charm of BBQ catering is the relaxed vibe that it brings to any event. From feeding sizable crowds, impressing guests and providing variety, our skilled team at Fire Up Pizza are experienced in BBQ prep and cooking. We absolutely love collaborating with our customers to design a menu that suits your occasion. From smoked lamb, BBQ pulled pork, spicy chicken wings, slow-cooked briskets to grilled fish, marinated tofu and halloumi. We also offer timeless sides such as chips, salads, coleslaw, corn on the cob, various breads, rice dishes and more. Our team aims to please, and variety is part of the focus; we proudly deliver delicious food, a swift turnaround time and excellent final results for each dish we create including meeting any dietary requirements that need to be adhered to.  


Why Choose Our BBQ Catering Services?

Our trained and highly skilled team of chefs and project managers deliver a medley of choices for every event. BBQ has historically always been associated with meat products. But, at Fire Up Pizza, we do so much more. We create menus that consider those who would like vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free alternatives. We also devise menu options to ensure those with specific allergies can enjoy the food. 

From special marinades to meat and meat alternatives, we are proud to create tasty options to suit your guests.

Contact us today to learn more about our BBQ catering services.

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