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Mediterranean Feasting and Sharing Platters

It is no secret that food and passion for food bring people together. Our most special memories are defined by good food, great drinks and excellent company.

At Fire Up Pizza, our professional and highly-experienced chefs take great pleasure in putting together our trademark feasting and sharing platters, from BBQ'ed classics to cured meats and cheeses to breads, chutneys, salads and more. We proudly cater to vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, and other applicable dietary requirements.


Our Mediterranean feasting menus are a trendy choice amongst our customers, particularly those hosting weddings, private parties and corporate functions. From our meticulous attention to detail, organisation, fresh ingredients, super functioning ovens and incredible wait staff, your guests are always fed on time and with outstanding food.


The beauty of our feasting and sharing platters for your special event is the social factor it brings to any occasion. Sharing food, discussing the choices, and communing around a sharing platter adds a built-in networking and mingling vibe that can be hard to ignite organically. Our generous platters are packed with delicious flavours, textures, choices and inspiration from across the Mediterranean. And if that isn't enticing enough, our freshly made wood fire pizzas are also part of the alluring display.

Each menu is created with your guestlist and requirements in mind. So, our feasting and sharing platters are a real crowd-pleaser whether you have a lavish wedding breakfast, a glamorous and satisfying evening snack, or a classic buffet-style dining experience.


Click on the PDF icon below for an example menu.

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