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BBQ Banquets


Don't worry, we don't just BBQ and smoke meats; we are also experts in catering for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and other diets. Our exciting menus never disappoint when creating beautiful food from locally sourced vegetables, cheeses, meats and more. 

Our exceptional chefs use only the best ingredients to ensure the best dining outcome for you and your guests. 


Our BBQ feasts have been designed to have all the benefits of well-prepared, deliciously marinated flavours cooked impressively on the day while creating a dining experience that suits your party. From wedding breakfasts, birthday parties, seasonal celebrations or corporate events, you tell us your vision, and we will create an atmosphere that suits your party.


Casual dining is on trend now, with those favouring family-style eating, individually made-to-order options and networking/mingling opportunities instead of the seating plan, 3-course dining experience.

So, whether you want food served to the table or for guests to head to the food truck, we can curate an occasion that works for you.

With mouthwatering options, professional waiting staff and a perfect casual dining experience, your guests will bond over delicious boards of food that have gone from grill to table without delay.

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