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eat, dRINK & bE mARRIED

Whether you have chosen a champagne reception, drinks on the lawn, cocktails after dinner or themed or seasonal drinks, your guests will thank you.

Our specialist bar staff and mixologists can curate and implement a selection of showstopping drinks that provide delicious beverages, fun entertainment, great photo opportunities and merry guests.

We are pleased to work with you at Fire Up Pizza to create a menu of drinks that meets your requirements. From signature cocktails and mocktails to specially chosen wines, spirits, mixers and more, our team can provide a complete end-to-end service, starting with collaborating with you on a drinks list, schedules, budgets and themes to setting up the bar and glasses, providing expert mixologists and wait staff and ensuring the bar is always well-stocked and functioning at full capacity.

If you want to treat your guests to dazzling cocktails and other drinks, contact us today and learn more about how we can help.

eat, dRINK

eat, dRINK & bE mARRIED

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