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Bowl Food and Small Plates

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Our selection of bowl food and small plates are internationally inspired, convenient and delicious. Our menus are popular for all parties, big and small. In addition, we are pleased to offer tasty vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and other dietary requirement alternatives that might be of consideration. ​

At Fire Up Pizza, our chefs have created bowl food and small places that seamlessly suit all parties, from elegant wedding receptions and lavish launch parties to special birthdays, milestone anniversaries and networking events such as corporate away days and Christmas parties.

Our bowls take you from the Far East and Southern Asia to the Mediterranean and the Middle East; our chefs have created tasty dishes that appeal to all. From our meticulous attention to detail, organisation, fresh ingredients, well-functioning ovens and incredible waiting staff, your guests are always fed on time and with outstanding food.

The beauty of our bowl and small plate foods for your special event is the social factor it brings to any occasion. Small bowls mean you can eat while you mingle with fellow guests. Our varied bowl options are scheduled to come out in frequent succession, so if you want to try new bowls or have more of the same, they will always be pretty close.

Click on the PDF icon below for an example menu.

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