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BUFFET catering


Our expert team loves to hear your vision. We aim to realise your vision through creative menu planning and excellent customer service. We are pleased to collaborate with you to find quality solutions based on budget, tastes, theme, event and schedules.


Whether you have chosen a traditional and classic party or a modern and casual event, buffet catering is the sound solution for feeding your guests. Our chefs are delighted to work with you to develop a menu that considers anything from the theme, dietary requirements, sweet and savoury choices, and classic foods to more unconventional options. Buffets are the perfect place to add creativity; we ensure you have selections from tried and tested classics to new and exciting ideas. The combination of old and new is ideal for buffet dining.


With buffet menus, including typical English, Italian, Caribbean, BBQ, Asian, Middle Eastern and Greek, we can collaborate on menus or create a combination of flavours to ensure your party gets the best of everything. In addition, we offer specialty dishes, including wood fired pizzas, homemade BBQ marinades, gyoza, skewers, kebabs, salads, potatoes and rice dishes, as well as decadent desserts like gooey chocolate brownies, cakes, tarts-and-much more.

 If you would like to know more about our buffet catering options, contact us today!

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