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Buffet Catering

Bagel Sandwich

If you are looking for specialists in buffet catering, look no further than our expert team, who offer creative menus, delicious food and hassle-free services. At Fire Up Pizza, our goal is to realise your vision. Choosing a buffet for your social event is often the best decision for a party or gathering. From variety and choices to encouraging crowd movement and mingling, there are no limits to creating a great buffet menu.

Specialists In Buffet Catering Services

Whether you have opted for a traditional and classic party or a modern and casual event, buffet catering is the sound solution for feeding your guests. Our chefs are delighted to work with you to develop a menu that considers anything from the theme, dietary requirements, sweet and savoury choices, and classic foods to more unconventional options. Buffets are the place to experiment and add creativity, the risk is minimal, but the reward is great. People keen to try new foods will love the variation, and those who prefer to stick to what they know will have plenty to choose from.


Why Choose Our Bespoke Buffet Catering Service?

With competitive rates, hassle-free service and bespoke results, our team at Fire Up Pizza are the right choices for your buffet catering needs.


Our highly-professional team of chefs and project managers understand how events are run and the importance of the food. With buffet menus, including typical English,  Italian, Caribbean, BBQ, Asian, Middle Eastern and Greek, we can collaborate on menus or create a combination of flavours to ensure your party gets the best of everything. In addition, we offer speciality dishes, including wood fired pizzas, homemade BBQ marinades, a variety of appetisers, gyoza, skewers, kebabs, salads, potatoes and rice dishes, as well as decadent desserts like gooey chocolate brownies, cakes, tarts-and-much more. 


If you would like to know more about our buffet catering options, contact us today!

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