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Catering For Film Crews London

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If you are looking for expert catering for film crews in London, look no further than Fire Up Pizza for the best in creative and professional services. We’ve worked with leading industry names, delivering our beautifully-crafted menus to production teams across London. As a leading catering company for film sets, we know how to work well under pressure; delivering a service that fits seamlessly into a busy call sheet that always has last minute changes. We know that when it comes to a reliable craft catering service in London for your film crew, guaranteeing a professional and proactive service that is tailored to the needs of your busy film crew in London is a must. We also provide menus that are tailored to all dietary requirements and preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone! Our film crew catering services operating on film shoots across London ensure consistency, quality and are sure to keep things exciting.

Professional Catering For Film Crew Services in London


Fire Up Pizza the experts when it comes to delivering catering for film crew services in London, having worked behind the scenes on some incredible filming projects over the years. We know how to create the right atmosphere on set, with our delicious and fuelling food that gets everybody talking.  We are proud to bring unrivalled knowledge and experience in the catering industry to every job we take on, which is what keeps our diverse clientele from utilising our professional catering services, time and time again. We believe that the success of a project often depends on the quality of the catering service provided. We work around the call sheet to provide hot and healthy meals for every member of the busy cast and crew. We don’t let factors like weather or location put us off, adapting our expert catering for film crews services in London to meet the needs of any and every shoot.

Why Choose Our Catering for Film Crew Services?


Comprehensive catering services that please every member of your crew can be hard to come by. However with Fire Up Pizza, made up of a team passionate about fine flavour and delivering a full catering experience, ensures your whole crew will feel fully catered to. We’re proud of our dedicated and reliable team of catering specialists in London who contribute to our reputation as a dependable craft catering company. As a matter of reference, we choose not to use agencies; feeling a more personalised team can get to know the specific requirements of production companies.  We often find that we’re personally recommended to neighbouring production companies who are in need of an impeccable craft catering service, delivered by a team of catering industry experts who can hit the ground running when serving a busy set.

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