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Film and TV Catering Companies

Bagel Sandwich

If you are looking for film and TV catering companies that you can depend on, look no further than Fire Up Pizza for the best in creative and professional services. A culmination of extensive industry experience serving large-scale filming projects across the country, the unique input of our highly-creative team, Fire Up Pizza is the leading company in the industry. Long days on set can feel monotonous, and even draining without a sufficient catering service to fuel the whole crew. Pizza has all the components that make for pleasing cuisine. It has the ability to please the masses, meaning there’s no more ideal catering solution than a reliable pizza catering company for your film and TV company!

Experienced Film and TV Catering Companies

When searching through the endless options of film and TV catering companies, Fire Up Pizza is here to save the day with rich and complex tasting pizzas made in our woodfired ovens. As a leading industry favourite, we understand how to provide a service that can cater for even the most unexpected requirements on set. The creative drive and collective years of experience of our team has been the secret to our success, and we continuously strive to improve our service with each client we take on. Our refreshing menus is what also makes us stand out from other film and TV catering companies out there. Look no further than Fire Up Pizza, for beautiful flavours, friendly faces and a fabulous service that will have sufficiently prepped to take on a full day of filming. 

Reasons to choose our Film and TV Catering Companies 

Over the years, we’ve served pizza to some of the leading names in the Film and TV industry. Our team can take on any filming project at a moment’s notice, and are here to serve your premium pizza through those hard and long days of filming. That’s why we’ve created menus that are refreshing and brimming with choices that can satisfy everyone. We strive to keep things fun, friendly and flexible with our impeccable and hassle-free film and TV catering companies service, available to hire today. 

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