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Film and TV Catering Companies London

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If you are looking for professional Film and TV catering companies, look no further than Fire Up Pizza for the best in creative and professional services. At Fire Up Pizza, we believe that catering should be an experience that tantalises the senses. Our team of experienced chefs work diligently to create award-winning menus that are regularly updated to keep things fresh and interesting. We strive to set the blueprint for fine craft catering in London and make sure that every event we cater is special and unforgettable. As a dependable TV catering van company in London, we want to help make your day as smooth-running and organised as possible. You can trust our team to provide a planned out catering service in London that is there to serve your busy film crew at any and every time of day.

One Of The Best Film and TV Catering Companies in London

We’re one of the best film and TV catering companies in London, bringing an unrivalled level of catering knowledge and years of experience in the catering business. Our catering vans  in London are renowned for their versatility, adding a sociable atmosphere to make all the crew feel at home. Specialist TV catering companies  in London are the go-to option when serving crews of all sizes, and are the key to ensuring they’re fueled to keep going through those longer filming projects. Our menus are carefully put together by a team of chefs who know fine flavour, and our service is delivered by a team who are equally as passionate about great tasting food.  Look no further than Fire Up Pizza, for beautiful flavours, friendly faces and mouth watering pizza that will make life on set, that extra bit more exciting. 

Why Choose Our Film and TV Catering Companies?

We’ve served pizzas at Film and TV locations of all types. Finding a catering solution  in London that appeases all diets and palettes can be a challenge, especially with all the big personalities on set! It's all about choice at Fire Up Pizza. We've gone above and beyond to curate a menu that offers something for everyone, from carnivorous cravings to vegetarian delights. Refreshing and delicious, it's sure to keep even the fussiest of eaters satisfied.  We strive to keep things fun, friendly and flexible with our impeccable and hassle-free TV catering services in London. 

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