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Film Shoot Catering

Bagel Sandwich

If you are looking for experts in film shoot catering, look no further than Fire Up Pizza for the best in creative and professional services. We take pride in the efficiency of our comprehensive pizza service, with many years of experience serving our authentic pizzas on filming shoots across the country. Our flavour-filled menus are here to liven up your day on set. Our team thrives when put to work behind the scenes of a busy film set, working hard to provide an impeccable service that keeps the crew fulfilled all day long. When it comes to choosing a film shoot catering service that’s reliable and accommodating, there’s no company more experienced than Fire Up Pizza!

Specialists in film shoot catering

Fire Up Pizza are specialists in film shoot catering. We understand your needs for an easy catering solution to help the cast and crew get through those long days of filming. Our client portfolio includes some of the biggest profiles in the film and TV industry, which we’ve worked to build over time through our impeccable service, freshly sourced artisan ingredients and imaginative menus. We use a top-variety of mouthwatering ingredients for our delicious recipes, and can accommodate an array of palettes from veggie fanatics to hearty meat lovers. As specialists in film shoot catering, our service is dynamically tailored to the fast-paced nature of the filming industry. We’re here to meet your needs, and make those fleeting breaks between shoots, a little more exciting for the whole crew. 

Why Choose Our Film Shoot Catering Service?

We’ve served pizza to some of the leading names in the industry, and we’ve delivered a quality service to film shoots ranging in scale and length over the years, from single day shoots to more intensive projects that run for several days. We love getting to know the unique requirements of our clients, and building menus that are both traditional and imaginative. Get in touch today, and arrange your tailored film shoot catering service that will keep your cast and crew fired up with some doughy-goodness, all day long. 

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