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Types of Wedding Catering and Their Benefits

Updated: May 26, 2023

Wedding Catering

Wedding catering must be spot-on to ensure the big day goes perfectly. This, of course, is where opinions are divided. Some prefer buffets while others prefer pizza stations. It isn’t easy to know which type of catering is best for the day as there are many to choose from. So, what are the various types of wedding catering and what benefits do they offer?

A sit-down dinner

A sit-down dinner is perfect when you want a more formal dining experience. They are great for weddings and this type of catering is ideal when you have a set budget and a limited number of guests. You get a limited menu choice, but accommodations can be made for fussy eaters, and waiters are there to serve the meals. While there is slightly more organisation required, it is a convenient option.

A Choice of Food Stations

If you want a modern approach to wedding catering, food stations are it. These are great if you have fussy eaters or just want a less formal dining experience. Guests visit each station and choose what they like. It’s a simple form of wedding catering and something you should seriously consider as it’s quite convenient.

Buffet-style Wedding Catering

Buffets are simple, convenient, and incredibly versatile. This type of catering is perfect when you want a less formal event and want something for everyone. Buffets are great when you want to choose fast and easy-to-serve foods.

Choose a Type of Catering That Leaves Your Guests Happy

When choosing wedding catering, it’s important to choose something that appeals to your guest – or most of them, anyway. For instance, when there are lots of fussy eaters, a formal sit-down meal mightn’t work whereas a buffet would. It can be more convenient and cost-effective, not to mention having less food waste. With a sit-down meal, it can be a good idea to have a simple menu that can accommodate everyone.

Pick Your Catering Wisely

You have lots of options to consider, including a family-style dining experience, a formal sit-down meal, and a buffet option. Each has its advantages too. For instance, buffets are flexible for younger guests and people who want a varied sample. Whilst sit-down meals have a limited menu choice, which offer more intimate events. So, choose your wedding catering wisely and enjoy the big day.


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