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Wedding Catering Van London

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If you are looking for a wedding catering van in London to hire for your special day, look no further than Fire Up Pizza for creative and professional services. Craft catering services in London should fit seamlessly into the schedule of your wedding day, that you’ve been planning for as long as you can remember. No matter the size of your wedding, having a mobile catering van to provide a delicious feast for your special day is the ultimate solution for perfect wedding catering! With the ability to conveniently set up at your desired location, you can trust that the food will be of a high quality, fresh, and delicious - giving you one less thing to worry about as you celebrate your special day. Create a buzzing atmosphere at your chosen fairytale location with our professional wedding catering van services in London.

The Best Mobile Wedding Catering Option in London

Looking for the best mobile wedding catering option in London? Fire Up Pizza is here to make your wedding day extra special! With an extensive knowledge of catering and a portfolio of successful wedding catering projects in London, our team has the expertise to help you create the perfect wedding experience. From delicious pizzas to elegant desserts, Fire Up Pizza will provide the highest quality of catering for your special day. Let us help you make your wedding a truly memorable occasion! Our menus are curated by award-winning chefs who know fine flavour. In addition to this, our service is fronted by a team of people who love what they do. Look no further than Fire Up Pizza, for beautiful flavours, friendly faces and a fabulous catering service in London. 

Why Choose Our Wedding Catering Vans?

You can't beat the experience of Italian cuisine! We've had the privilege of spicing up weddings with our delicious pizza menus, and we can proudly say that our food has always been a hit amongst guests. After all - what’s not to love about a quick and easy catering service that appeals to everyone? We collaborate with you to ensure your vision of the perfect day is met, implementing a plan that’s ahead of the game. We’ve created catered menus that are refreshing and brimming with choices that keep even the fussiest of eaters ready to move on the dance floor all night. We strive to keep things fun, friendly and flexible with our impeccable and hassle-free wedding catering van services.

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