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Film and TV Catering Companies Kent

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If you are looking for professional Film and TV catering companies, look no further than Fire Up Pizza for the best in creative and professional services. At Fire Up Pizza, we believe that catering should be an experience that tantalises the senses. Our team of experienced chefs work diligently to create award-winning menus that are regularly updated to keep things fresh and interesting. We are always looking for ways to ensure we are delivering the best craft catering option available in the filming industry. As a dependable TV catering van company in Kent, we want to help make your day as smooth-running and organised as possible. You can trust our team to provide a planned out catering service in Kent that is there to serve your busy film crew at any and every time of day.

Kent's Top-Rated Film & TV Catering Company

With a legacy of excellence, our acclaimed, award-winning TV catering services in Kent have led us to become Kent’s top-rated film and TV catering company. Our custom catering vans in Kent are renowned for their remarkable versatility, housing personable individuals who deliver our impeccable TV catering services with utmost dedication. We cater to crews of all sizes, ensuring they stay energised during extended filming sessions. Our menus are meticulously curated by a team of passionate chefs who are driven to create inspired dishes and an array of delightful pizza options. Our unwavering passion is to infuse excitement on the set. Look no further than Fire Up Pizza for exquisite flavours, friendly faces, and tantalising pizza that will elevate the thrill of life on set to a whole new level.

Reasons To Choose Our Premium Catering Services

Fire Up Pizza has proudly served pizzas at various Film and TV locations throughout Kent. Meeting the diverse dietary preferences and taste buds on set can be quite a challenge, given the larger-than-life personalities involved. However, as a comprehensive Film and TV catering company, we believe in the power of choice and variety. That's why we have meticulously crafted a menu that caters to all, offering options that satisfy both meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Our refreshing and delicious offerings are guaranteed to please even the most selective eaters. With our impeccable TV catering services in Kent, we prioritise a fun and flexible experience for all.

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