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Mobile Event Catering

Bagel Sandwich

If you are looking for a professional mobile event catering service, look no further than our team of expert chefs, delicious food and hassle-free solutions. At Fire Up Pizza, we focus on delivering fresh food quickly with a guarantee of customer satisfaction. So whether you are organising a big formal, traditional event or a smaller, rustic gathering, our selection of event food catering is always a reliable choice. Our team of chefs have incredible experience designing menus and cooking show-stopping food for all style and sized parties. From wood fired pizzas and BBQ dining to canapes, falafel wraps, homemade desserts, sharing platters, appetisers, buffet-style and more, our chefs are delighted to collaborate with you to create a menu that suits your occasion.

Professional Mobile Event Catering Company

If you are looking for a professional mobile event catering service, look no further than Fire Up Pizza for complete expertise and hassle-free solutions. We have years of experience catering special events, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, corporate functions, Christmas parties and more. We love being such an integral part of the festivities and ensure that through our food and service, we can help create an atmosphere, encourage sociability and deliver excellent food to each guest. So whether you decide to do a sit-down meal, a buffet, a BBQ, pizzas or an evening of canapes and appetisers, our flexible approach, meticulous attention to detail and professional chefs are on hand to realise your vision.


Why Choose Our Mobile Event Catering Services?

We excel in choosing the freshest ingredients and delivering a service on time, on budget and completely hassle-free. So, wherever your preferred location is, be it a hotel, a field, a manor house, a garden, or a farm, our seasoned team of chefs can conveniently set up, cook and deliver fresh, delicious food for as long as you need us. We always provide alternative options for gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian requirements for all our mobile event catering, buffet dining, BBQ, and canapes.


Contact us today to learn more about our mobile event catering service!

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