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Everything You Should Know About TV and Film Catering

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Anyone that works in the TV and Film industry, can tell you that each day brings a new challenge to be met. Whether that be travelling to mysterious locations on the other side of the country, or having to find a catering solution that satisfies prestigious directors, leading producers, and hardworking crew and cast members. Having provided some top industry names with quality catering services, we’re here to share with you some helpful insider knowledge of TV and Film catering, and what to look out for when choosing an option that’s the perfect fit to help fuel your film set.

What does TV and Film Catering Entail?

TV and film catering is the overseeing of all food and beverage options on location for the cast, crew, and other personnel involved in the production of a film or TV show. A catering service is usually the first to arrive and set up on set, where shoots can commence at the crack of dawn and run well into the night. TV and Film catering companies are responsible for providing high-quality and nutritious meals that cater to different dietary requirements and preferences. They have the duty of coming fully stocked and prepared, serving food options all day long due to staggered schedules.

The catering service for TV and film productions can range from a small operation with a few staff members to a large-scale operation with hundreds of staff members. It is important that the catering service is able to handle the specific needs and demands of the production, which can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project. Some TV and film catering companies provide tailored craft catering services, where food is available on request throughout the day on set.

In addition to ensuring everyone is kept fuelled, energised and satisfied, TV and Film catering companies have the added responsibility of maintaining a tidy and hygienic dining space throughout the busy day, which helps to create a welcoming and sociable atmosphere between takes.

How can you tell a subpar TV and Film catering company from a professional one?

When it comes to the TV and Film industry, time is money. Those in charge of sourcing a catering solution are usually tasked with many other responsibilities, meaning a catering solution is just one of thousands of things to be ticked off the list. Therefore finding a catering solution for TV and film crews should be an easy and trustable process. With the fast-paced nature of the TV and Film industry, it’s no wonder that people live by ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’. As an experienced catering company for the industry, we’ve acquired a lot of important clients through personal-recommendations, and an unmatched service that keeps people coming back to us as a dependable option. So without further adieu, we want to share with you how to spot a subpar catering option, to one that will hit the ground running and be an instant winner with your hard working crew members.

Portfolio of clients

Experience and a broad profile of clients (both independent and large-scale) is a top tip when spotting a TV and Film Catering company that knows exactly what they’re doing. Top names don’t approach catering companies as easily as you might think. They take caution, as they’re main agenda is to ensure the call sheet runs as strictly to plan as possible. A catering company can impact how seamlessly the day runs, and so it takes years to build up a top-score portfolio of clients that have built trust in a catering team to carry out the complex catering job. We’ve worked in a wide range of locations, ensuring we can adapt our service to individual production requirements, and have become a trusted option for this reason.

Returning clientele

If clients are returning, this is often a key sign to a catering service that’s worked time and time again. Returning clientele are common in the industry, as once you hit gold with the right TV and Film Catering company such as Fire Up Pizza, it’s unusual that you’ll be letting go any time soon. This can make it difficult to snap up a sought-after TV and Film catering company, so we always advise planning well in advance as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on expert catering services that can set the right atmosphere on set.

Consistency of staff

As any workplace, a quick turnover of staff is a sign that there’s something not quite right in the organisation or management style of a company. Our team is consistent, as we select people that love working in a busy industry, and are passionate about the services they deliver. As a matter of preference, we aim not to use agency staff as we love the idea that our staff can get to know the crew they are serving. This way they can build a solid rapport with all those on set, learning their dietary requirements and specific serving routines that differ for each production.

Keeps you in the know

A production team’s worst nightmare is turning up on set to find there are mediocre food options that are bound to cause some diva moments amongst the top dogs on set - and we don’t blame them. Shoots can run as long as 16 hours, and nobody puts in hard graft quite like a TV and Film crew. That’s why a TV and Film catering solution that communicates their plan and process with you is an absolute must. We’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with some top production companies, which is a culmination of our dedication to keeping them in the know regarding stock availability, food options, menu changes and all information related to dietary preferences and allergies. We’re sure to notify production teams well in advance of any menu changes in particular, to ensure there’s no disappointment on the day of filming.

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