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5 Things To Know About Film Catering

The Advantages Of Hiring A Food Truck For Your Party

As a go-to film catering company, we’ve learned that an efficient catering solution is the key to ensuring there are no unexpected diva moments on set.. Especially when it comes to those longer filming projects, where days can often feel monotonous. Film cast and crew members work extremely hard, and deserve to be rewarded with sufficient nourishment to keep them going throughout the day, and ensure they capture the perfect shot. We’re here to share what we’ve discovered along the way to establishing Fire Up Pizza as one of the most trusted Film and TV catering companies.

Long days

An industry that relies on the indebted commitment and dedication of film cast and crews, the world of Film and TV can often feel far from glamorous when it comes to working behind the scenes. Call times can start before the sun rises, and lunch breaks can easily be pushed back to dinnertime.

With the unpredictably of a busy filming schedule, a successful film catering solution should aim to have food prepared and ready for serving at any time of the day. Most importantly, a fast and staggered service is needed to ensure everybody is fueled in between short breaks, which can range between 30-40 minutes to break up 12-14 hour days!

Friendly faces make everything easier

As a matter of personal preference, we’ve always found that opting for a no-agency policy when it comes to selecting who we choose to carry out our service, works best for everyone. Providing a personalised, reliable and friendly service is paramount to us, and building a team of friendly faces that you will get to know over those long days of filming can be crucial to keeping a relaxed and energising atmosphere in those spare moments between takes.

We love when our clients can get to know the real us.

When it comes to delivering our catering services, we hold familiarity of our staff as a prominent value that has always helped us to remain a prominent option amongst the close-knit community of production companies.

Location, Location, Location!

We’ve taken on location shoots of all kinds. Remote location shoots can be a bit of a challenge, However we have an acute attention to detail when it comes to pre-planning. We consider everything from efficient transportation, to accommodating a range of specified dietary requirements and ensuring stock can last all day long.

Working on beautiful locations and vibrant film sets is part of what makes our job so special, and we always try our best to take on any project, no matter how (in)accessible the shoot!

Planning makes perfecT

Fire Up Pizza has become a household name in the biz, for a culmination of reasons. Not only for our delicious and authentic pizza menu that caters for all tastes, but for our strict attention to detail when it comes to fitting our professional services around your schedule.

We’ve hand selected our team of caterers, and trained them up to ensure a spotless catering service is delivered on the day of filming.

There’ll be no delay on scenes or shots with our services,as we understand how to prepare for projects of all scales, and crews of all numbers.

Budget-conscious feasting

Whether you’re running a small-scale or independent filming operation, or working for a renowned production company, budget is always an important factor to take into consideration when selecting the right craft catering company to accommodate your film set. Value for money is crucial. You want to ensure that a range of tastes, preferences and restrictions are catered for and included within your catering package.

With years of experience serving the Film and TV industry, we have a good understanding of how best to predict budgets based on a series of factors provided by a unit production manager.

Before we arrive on the day, we’ll communicate all costs with you. This way there’ll be no hidden surprises that could throw you off, or worse yet, jeopardise the day’s regimented call sheet!


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